Board of Directors

We are run entirely by volunteers at the Board of Directors, committees, and coaching levels. We take great pride in our league, and pleasure in welcoming you in to the North Haven Girls Softball League family.  We pledge to do our best to make this a positive experience for your children, and we wish them the best both on and off the field.

Co-President: Paula Schaeffer

Co-President: Nicole Crocco

Vice President: Rob Criscuolo

Treasurer: Cami

Secretary: Adrianna Champagne

Travel Coordinator: Jim O'Brien

Put rest of board here....

Board Contact

Please email us at:

The appropriate board member will get back to you soon!!!

Email Us

Board Meetings

7/31/23 7PM Concession Stand

8/17/23 7PM Concession Stand

9/12/23 8PM Zoom

10/3/23 8PM Concession Stand

11/8/23 8PM Zoom

12/5/23 8PM Rec Center

1/9/24 8 PM Rec Center

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